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Painted Wall Frame and Shower Curtain Artwork (ORC Week 3)

It is time to update you on this week's progress on the Nautical Nursery. (Here is Week 1 and Week 2) I gave you a big sneak peak of one wall when I revealed my 'new' dresser:
On that wall I have incorporated my cat litter tote bucket, my thrift store finds, and a large letter "J" I found on clearance at Home Goods and painted red.  The little shelves are from Ikea.  You also can see those frames (also from Ikea) still need photos. I'm currently working on that.

Here is a little bit more of the room.  I added my made-over nautical lamp,  and hung some cheap tab top Lenda curtains from Ikea (are you seeing a trend here?**).
I still need to fix the green rocker and little pine side table, get new linens for the bed, and work on the rest of the wall art. On the long wall, I wanted to do a large feature wall with a neat paint treatment (like in my inspiration post.)

First I painted a large section of the wall where I wanted the frame to be:

Next I taped off parallel lines to form a box without corners.

 Next I used a dinner plate to get the correct curve in the corners

I connected the box to the curve, making sure all the corners were even:

Because my walls are orange peel texture, I knew i had to seal the tape

So I added another coat of white paint:

 And then I added 2 coats of Newburyport blue:

Unfortunately, even with the extra sealing step, I still had quite a bit of paint seepage:

Which I touched up by hand with a watercolor brush:

To the center of the frame, i added 3 IKEA Ribba frames:

I wanted something really graphic, like the line drawing in my inspriation post.  When I saw this Aggersund shower curtian at IKEA I knew it was the exact thing!

The first thing I did was use the mat to figure out exactly what part of the curtain I wanted to use:

I cut out the parts of the curtain I wanted and  ironed them:

Then I used spray adhesive to attach it to the frame backing board:

Here is what they look like handing in the display frame.

I decided that it needed more color (since there was a lot of red in other areas of the room, so I decided to paint the mats with leftover red paint from my color test:

I think they came out great.. And you couldn't beat the price.  $10/each for the frames, and $10 for the shower curtain: $40 all together.

Even though it is already the halfway point in the One Room Challenge, I am really making progress!

**I SWEAR this post isn't sponsored by Ikea!  I just find their accessories very affordable and flexible.

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  1. I always read your posts, but never leave a comment. Until today. I love how the nursery is turning out! Really, really love. Can't wait to see the finished room!

  2. Our Pinteresting FamilyOctober 23, 2013 at 12:06 PM

    Your nursery turned out amazing!! I love the wall frame. :)

  3. Kim, you are practically DONE! Maybe you can come over and help me finish mine. ;) It looks absolutely fabulous! I love all your clever ideas. The shower curtain art is brilliant and such a lucky find. Have a great weekend!

  4. A lot of great DIY projects here and they all look amazing. great job!!

  5. This is so amazing. You did so much for so little, really impressive.You know it's week 4, yes?

  6. That wall art looks fantastic Kim!!!!!! Love the dresser too!

  7. I actually joined a week late! My first post was on week 2, so for me, it is only week 3 (and I have one less week to get the room done!) Eeek!

  8. What an amazing wall!! The dresser is fabulous too!!

  9. Your shower curtain idea is great! And I love the wall frame. Very creative! Your room is coming along so well!

  10. Aww. Thanks so much. Your room is amazing too, and I blame you since you are the one who inspired me to hurry up and finally finish this room!

  11. Thanks so much.. It isn't totally done yet.. Hopefully you lik the rest of the changes!

  12. You have done amazing work in this room. I love all your ideas and how resourceful you have been like with the framed artwork.

  13. My favorite wall treatment DIY! I love the colors you used and the toile is perfect!

  14. Love the wall and the litter tote turned into a storage container. You might just see that idea in my room (if I can find someone with a cat so I can get a litter tote - LOL)


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