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Nursery Progress.. What is left? (ORC Week 4)

The fourth week of work on the Nursery is coming to an end and I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel! (Yes, the actually challenge is on week 5, but I started a week later than everyone else!)

This week I crackle finished my flea market boat oars and hung them:
I also made this nautical flag artwork and custom clothesline frame but I haven't posted about it yet.

I painted the pine bookcase so it fit better in the space:

And finally, I bought new sheets and sewed up a simple new bedskirt for the crib.

The end result was this:

And this:

So what do I still have left?

A lot of people said that this photo (from my week 3 progress reveal)  looks "finished" but there are a few things that still bug me:

1. The rocker/glider is minty green gingham and has to be changed.
2. The small pine side table needs a facelift
3. The frames are empty and need artwork
4. I want to add some color to my plain white curtains (a variation on this):
Inspiration photo Source
I also want to deal with my boring old closet doors:
Inspiration photo source
I have come a long way.  And THE BIG REVEAL is going to be NEXT WEEK!!!
I am so excited! I can't wait for it to be totally done!

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  1. I looked at the before and after pictures. That's a better
    way to work. The way your space was before, you looked like you had everything
    you needed within easy reach but then, there was no space to do actual work. I
    think having small storage containers to the side makes it easier to keep a

  2. One of my favorite...nautical. Love all of the special touches you have added.

  3. Everything is coming along so well! I love the miniature oars.

  4. Fantastic! You have been really busy and it shows. Love nautical rooms.

  5. I love the red striped curtains against the walls. The room does look beautifully finished but your expert eye will catch a few things close up.

  6. I love the striped curtains...I just bought some IKEA white panels this week to do the same thing in my son's room (but green & white). The nursery is looking great!

  7. Love the nautical look and the little clothesline of flags is perfect! xo

  8. Love everything about your room...so clean and crisp! Can't wait to see the finale!

  9. Ashley @ The Houston HouseOctober 31, 2013 at 6:23 AM

    such a sweet room!

  10. Patty at Home and Lifestyle DeOctober 31, 2013 at 7:03 AM

    Your nursery is looking very nice! I love the wall with the oars and the bookcase. It is such a sweet room, ready for the baby! I really like the inspiration photo of the closet doors. Looking forward to seeing the final room next week.

    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  11. It's looking great! I love the striped curtain inspiration, can't wait to see the finished room!

  12. Love what you have done - it looks fabulous! Can't wait to see the final reveal!

  13. You are so done!!!! This nursery looks fantastic! Love the red curtains and the crackle finish on the oars!!!

  14. Love the navy and white. Huge fan! Love your idea of the red curtains too.... great job. see you next week.

  15. kate@willowinteriorsNovember 1, 2013 at 7:09 AM

    What a great room!!! Love all the nautical touches!
    Can't wait to see the whole thing next week!

  16. Really adorable and love the dark wall choice.

    xo Mary Jo


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