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Yard Sale Mirror to Personalized Magnetic Chalkboard

I credit my mother for teaching me how to sew, craft and cook.  Without her there would be no Kim Six blog.  Today I am writing about one of her projects.  She doesn't have a blog so I told her I would love to share it here so she can inspire others the way she inspired me.

When my mom ran across this $5 mirror frame (the mirror had fallen out) at a church yard sale, she knew she could give it new life.

Instead of just re-installing a mirror, she decided she would rather have a chalkboard.  She could have just painted the frame itself with chalkboard paint (the way I did with my silver tray), but instead she purchased a piece of sheet metal for less than $5 to make the chalkboard magnetic.

To turn it into a chalkboard she sprayed it with chalkboard paint ($6.)

She installed it back into he frame using construction adhesive

To make sure it laid flat, she used a large cinder block to hold it down.

Lastly, since she wanted to use the chalkboard at the lake house, she decided to personalize it.  Instead of stencils, she just traced around peel and stick foam letters ($1) and painted them by hand. 

I think it came out adorable!
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Total cost of project: $16.72
Frame: $5 (Yard Sale)
Sheet Metal: $4.77 (Hardware Store)
Chalkboard Spraypaint ($5.95)
Foam Letters/Acrylic Paint ($1)

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