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"I Love Watching Our Friendship Grow" Valentines

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We try to do something special for school Valentines every year, at least for now while my kids are still young and enjoy doing it.    Last year we made our own crayons which was fun, and so this year we thought we would try another creative idea.

 When I saw these cute little "Grow Your Own" kits at the Target dollar spot, I knew I could use them:

They had 3 versions. Strawberries, Forget-Me-Nots and Poppies.  Each little box contained a seed packet, a mini-pot and a small soil pellet:

We wanted to dress up the plain box, so I also bought some favor bags ($1.99 for 20) at Target to put the boxes in:

I printed tags which read "I love watching our friendship GROW!" and used my heart shaped hole punch to make labels:

Because it is a school requirement that each child sign his/her name, I had my 7-year old sign her name on the back, and then we used a hole punch to turn the hearts into tags:

Using leftover Christmas curling ribbon, we attached the tags to each little baggie:

And there you have it.. the finished product:

We had to repeat the process about 26 times:

 An adorable little "Grow Your Own" Valentine for about $1.10/each:

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