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Lighted Milk Carton Jack-O-Lanterns

Happy Halloween! 

 I have been keeping busy tiling.. tiling.. tiling.. my shower.   I promise to give you and update on that soon, but today I am taking a break to share this great little project I did with the kids for Halloween.

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 This was a pretty simple project, and the kids helped me with it.   I had been saving milk cartons for a while to obtain this many, but the cost of the supplies was less than $4.

I started with about a dozen milk cartons:

Because they had expiration dates printed on the side I was going to use for the face, I removed the writing with Goo Gone.

 To make the stems, my 6 year old painted the caps brown:

Next I used sharpie to draw the faces on:

We used pipe cleaners as "vines" atop the pumpkins:

And then cut leaves out of foam for leaves:

We had a little assembly line going:

Finally, in order to make them glow orange I had to insert lites into the back of the cartons.  I punched three holes using a knife

And inserted a string of orange lights into the puncture holes:

 Cute little orange pumpkins all in a row:

 We set them along our front path to light the way for trick or treaters:

I hope you all have a wonderful halloween and make sure to keep an eye out for all those little ghosts and goblins! 

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