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September in Review: It doesn't get much more random!

September has been a very strange and hectic month for me. School has started up again, and for the first time my youngest is out of the house, at preschool, a few hours a week. My (false) belief was that I was going to have all these extra hours for myself.. to work on projects, update my blog and basically just catch up on life.

That couldn't be further from the truth. 

I am now logging hundreds of miles in my mini-van every week, running back in forth from drop off to pick up to after school activities, lessons and sports. The laid back summer schedule has transformed into days that are so full, that I start every morning by charting out exactly where I need to be down to 15 minute intervals.  My life has gotten CRAZY!

There is no greater evidence for that, then when I look back at my blog posts for the month of September.  The only way to describe them is: completely random.

From simple auto repair:

To random gardening experiements, the month of September definitely didn't focus on any one aspect of DIY home improvement:

That isn't to say I didn't feature any home improvement projects.  There was a tutorial about installing a backsplash:

and some great reader features about solving a lighting design problem, as well as a solution for upgrading a fireplace mantle:

I knocked off a pottery barn planter, and entered the Random Acts of Craftiness challenge with my domino candlesticks:

Of course I tackled a few recipes this month.  Another slow cooker pork recipe and a cinnamon roll shortcut

Hopefully I can find my groove and get a little more focused for the month of October.  I did start working on my pre-autumn and fall decor:

 And have even started thinking about Halloween:

All hope is not lost.. if I can only keep my head above water!

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  1. Keep it up! You are definitely doing WAY more than I could pull off with a crazy schedule like that!

  2. Maureen@It's All Connected.caSeptember 30, 2012 at 7:43 PM

    I think you have done tons of great things in September! How you managed it all, with your schedule, beats me. Now I feel lazy. Arrrr

  3. And only 3 more months to go 'til the end of the year! How does THAT make you feel?! I love your blog and all the subjects you cover. It makes it so very interesting. When I see your email, I never know what's coming...


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