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Pottery Barn Reclaimed Wood Planter (Tutorial)

I was browsing through my Pottery Barn catalog and fell in love with this reclaimed wood planter set.  I have actually been looking for a large planter for my back yard and knew this would fit the bill.
Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn
Then I saw the price!  The smallest one started at $129 and went up to $229!  For PLANTS! 
I went to the home improvement store and bought my supplies.  Two cedar fence pickets, a wide board for the base and a whole lot of paint stir sticks.  I had a furring strip left over from a previous project that I also planned on using:
Total cost: $8
I sketched out my plans and decided to make the planter 13x13 on the bottom by 14x14 on the top (since my board for the bottom was 13 inches wide.)  I decided to make the height 12 inches so I could evenly cut my fence pickets on the chop saw without much waste:

Once they were the right height, I had to measure the correct angle (knowing each side would be 1/2 inch narrower on the bottom vs. the top) and ripped them down with the circular saw:

After all the cedar strips were the correct height and width, I lined them up to form the sides of the planter:

I used the leftover furring strips to secure the plants together with screws:

I used two strips on each side, secured with wood screws:

I then screwed the four sides to the base and to each other to form the box of the planter:

Lastly, I added a rim with some leftover 1x2s I had in the garage, mitering the corners:

This is an okay planter, but it looks like a box.  The next step is what makes it look like the pottery barn version.  I used liquid nails and small brads to secure paint stir sticks all over the outside:

I drilled some drainage holes and added 4 small block feet (not shown) to the bottom:

What you get is a pretty cute planter:

I found some leftover paint that was pretty close to the original colors (this was actually some of the paint I had leftover from the Money Pit 1.0's kitchen! How nostalgic!)

 And then to get the reclaimed lumber look I went after it with some low grit sandpaper:

Even though the lumber is cedar and designed for exterior use, I didn't want it to sit directly in contact with the wet soil (and I wanted to help prevent the soil from drying out in our arid climate, so I used a heavy duty trash compactor bag to line it.  I just stapled it to the interior:

Added a few flowers:

And had my little helper give it some water:

I think I may even like mine more than the original, with the little notches in the stir sticks:
Courtesy of Pottery Barn
I know I like it more when I consider the $170 savings!

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  1. Awesome! I really like the way your planter came out! And what to say about the price :) Great knock off!

  2. Looks GREAT Kim! I'm gonna copy this for next spring :o)

  3. That is so great! I love the paint sticks too! Way to knock it off!

  4. That is an amazing project! Great job!! Megan

  5. does it get any cuter then this? Love the varying paint stripes!

  6. You and your project are impressive. What a way to save big bucks.

  7. Love it Kim! I like the detail the paint sticks give! The picture with that pretty model, priceless!

  8. what a great idea and great price! ive been looking for large flower pots but they're too expensive! this is a good option!

  9. Great knock off! I do like yours better too.

  10. I might have to try my hand at some of these for my deck that we just refinished, they would be perfect! Cute :0

  11. nice, nice, nice! Awesome idea! greatprice!

  12. I think yours are much cuter than the Pottery Barn ones. This would be a great project to re-use old deck wood or fence boards with - then it wouldn't cost a thing! How cute would they be as window boxes, too. You could also stain them or chalk paint them, then give 'em a good coat of polyurethane to seal and protect from the elements. The possiblities are endless!

  13. These are beautiful! I love the paint colors you chose.

  14. Hello Kim: This is a beautiful planter box, and your tutorial was so detailed and helpful. I love the flowers you selected for it, and you have a great helper!

  15. Kelly @ View Along the WaySeptember 18, 2012 at 7:29 AM

    I actually prefer yours to the PB version! Awesome project!

  16. You win! GREAT knock-off. Plus, you HAVE to love the one you made, that is over 100 $'s less. It's just common sense :) Awesome job!!

  17. Fabulous. One one hand I prefer the all white look you have, on the other hand do I think that the little pale blue color mix is also adorable. Either way: great!

    So, let me invite you to share your creation (and other ideas) at our linky party at http://www.FineCraftGuild.com/party : Look forward to seeing you there! ~ Rose

  18. Kim this is so cute. We did one in the spring and knocked off Restoration Hardware. Cute Cute Cute.

  19. michelle@somedaycraftsSeptember 22, 2012 at 11:41 PM

    Very nice! I like yours better than PB!!! I am featuring this at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com. on MOnday morning!

  20. wow it turned out awesome! I think the knock off looks WAY better than the original!

  21. Pinning this one! Yours totally looks better :)

  22. You rock girl! Love these planters. I think you did a fabulous job. Thanks for sharing with the copy cat party.

  23. Wonderful job. Yours is prettier!

  24. This is a brilliant copycat...and wow, don't you just *love* the price tag! I think your gardener is adorable, too! ;P

    Linking from Debbiedoos,Ricki Jill

  25. Well done copy! I love the paint stir sticks you used. Very clever idea. Beautiful!


  26. Oh my I am thoroughly impressed! I'm amazed that you did this work yourself and you really captured it perfectly! I like the paint stirring sticks you used for the accent boards! Brilliant and it looks awesome! I hope you get many years of use from them!

  27. This is absolutely AWESOME. What a fabulous job. The planter is just gorgeous...and so is your little helper. :))

  28. I love yours better too. Very nice job and great savings!

  29. Love it! Can't beat the price either!

  30. GREAT work!! I can't wait to use your tute to make my own! Thanks!!



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