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Kitchen Details and A Sneak Peek (Plus My Blogger Girl Crush)

 I adore Debbie (of Debbie-Debbidedoos) for a multitude of reasons. First, because she hosts this awesome Copycat Magazine Challenge that I love.  It is so fun to get inspired and make it happen.**
**keep reading for more about this and the teaser photo!

But even more importantly, I love how big of a heart she has and how wonderful she is at helping all us newbie bloggers get a foothold in bloggyland.  She hosts a newbie link party every Monday (for bloggers with less than 100 followers) which I used to join regularly until my follower count got too high (thanks for that by the way.. I love you all!! *Smooches*)
She also features a newbie blogger in the Newbie Spotlight of the Week.
Talk about Newbie LOVE!  Her blog was one of the places I felt most welcome when I first started putting myself out there.  

Anyhoo.. now that I have embarassed myelf by fawing over my girl-crush, it is time to get back to the Copycat Challenge.  This go round, the challenge included copying either a magazine photo OR a fellow blogger.

Sooo...  I decided to copy, who else? DEBBIE!  (I told ya' she is my girl crush!) 
She actually used this mini-project as an example of the challenge.  She decorated the front panel of her sink base with a little decorative thing-a-ma-bob
Source: Debbiedoos
and then Kathy (of Creative Home Expressions) copied her.. 
Source: Creative Home Expressions
And now I am copying them both!  (Shhh.. no calling me a suck up!)  

You know how I am in the middle of a big kitchen makeover? Well..  these images may give a little of it away.. but not much!    First I started with a freshly painted plain sink base cabinet front:
Then I found this little guy at Lowe's for $3.
 Unlike Debbie who used double stick tape, and Kathy that used quake putty, I went for a more permanent solution of liquid nails (GO BIG OR GO HOME!)
 I applied it to the cabinet and then I used caulk to seal the edges so you couldn't see a gap behind it:
Then I painted that sucker to match the cabinets and here is what I ended up with:
Cute no?   Especially considering that less than 48 hours ago it looked like this:
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  1. awww...girl you rock!~ Thanks:)! I am so flattered. Yours little thingy ma bob turned out super cute. What a transformation so far you have going on. I can't wait to see all the links ups come Wednesday. It is going to be a fabulous time for sure. Thanks again for joining, sharing and loving on me!

  2. Wow, that looks great! If my kitchen were on my list for a redo, I would totally copy this from you AND Debbie AND Kathy. ;) But my kitchen is only two years old and I got to choose it all by myself and it's been white (magnolia, that is) from the beginning and I love it the way it is. But I might come back to this wonderful idea when I redo another room in our home... ;)

  3. like! and the cabinets sneak peak are looking great!

  4. LOVE :) Debbie is awesome :D Plus i love what you did. That's such a nice detail that makes it seem much more custom. Two thumbs up! and don't forget to link to my party thursday :P

  5. What a sweet transformation! I love the detail you put into it:)

  6. That really dresses it up! So classy.

  7. I think it looks wonderful! I'm planning a kitchen project in the (hopefully) not so distant future, and I was inspired by Debbie's little embellishment too. Great job!

  8. very pretty indeed and you sure copied 2 of my fav gals here in blogland.
    cant wait to see your whole kitchen

  9. Love it! I've put a few up around my house too! Places like the inside of the front door, the hood vent.... Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thank you for the shout out, Kim! : ) Full credit for this definitely goes to Debbie. I can go ahead and do the liquid nails myself now. I had it temporary with the putty in case hubby had a stroke, but he actually seemed to like it {once he finally noticed it}, so I think I can go with a more permanent adhesion. Yours turned out great; I'll bet your whole kitchen makeover turned out wonderfully!

  11. I just love your copycat! What a big difference it made! I have also used embellishment in the past. It is amazing how they will change the look of your home.

  12. Love it! I used the same on a storage bench...painted white of course:)Going now to follow you!

  13. I think that this is a great project to copy! I love it. I know Debbie was thrilled, too!!! :D

    Linking from Debbiedoo's,
    Ricki Jill

  14. How did you paint your cabinets????? Did they have a smooth finish? I would love to piant my cabinets.


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