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Colorful Easter Beans!

I am starting to think about my Easter/Spring fireplace mantle and got inspired by some spray painted valentines beans I saw on Pinterest.

So I went to the farmer's market and bought $2 worth of pinto beans (I could have gotten white/great northern beans but these were 20c a pound cheaper and reminded me of the color of brown eggs.)

I had quite a few Easter colors of spray paint from previous projects (here, here and here) but I did have to buy the purple ($2.99 at WalMart):

I spread the beans in a single layer on newspaper and gave them a coat:

After they dried I flipped them over (this was the most tedious part) and sprayed the opposite sides (make sure you spray the edges of the beans really well when you are spraying the tops and bottoms):

I let them dry, and returned them to the vase:

UPDATED: Check out how I used these on my Easter Mantle!

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  1. Cute Easter beans! I have a personal obsession lately with apothecary style jars and would like to start changing out the contents seasonally- this is a great idea that can be adapted to any season.

    Makes me feel springy!

  2. This is such a cute idea for easter decoration!


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