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Pasta Snowflakes!

The girls and I finished up another Pinterest project tonight and they came out too cute not to share.

The original pin was for these macaroni snowflakes.
Because I had some dyed pasta left over from a project I did with the girls earlier this fall (making wagon wheel necklaces) I thought I would give it a shot.

Here is what we ended up with:
It was really simple.  We took the mini wheel pasta and used plain white school glue to assemble snowflakes.  

Even my two year old could do it (although her snowflakes were more like snowballs!) How do you like that orange and green "fall" pasta.  It is just regular pasta mixed with a little rubbing alcohol and a couple drops of food color and then left to dry.

We assembled the snowflakes on waxed paper so that we would be able to peel them off without breaking them (the glue dripped downwards due to gravity and we didn't want to glue them to the table.)

After they were dry I had intended to spray them white like the original idea and sprinkle them with clear glitter.

Unfortanately, I don't have any white spray paint.. but I did have high gloss silver/chrome that I used for my bathroom debrassifying!
It looked AWESOME!

I also sprinkled a few with glitter, but I am not sure I like it much more than the plain ones. It is harder to tell it is actually pasta.

 All in all I think they came out FANTASTIC.  Maybe even better than the original!

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