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Feeding my Pinterest addiction

I originally got on to Pinterest to help search out interior design ideas for my house rehab. (Like the chair rail molding on my kitchen ceiling.)  However, after being on that website only a short while (I registered for the site in early October) I have become consumed by the overwhelming number of ideas for other things like crafts, food and holiday design.

I thought I would share a few of the projects I have worked on lately, which are solely due to Pinterest.  These are things I NEVER would have attempted if I hadn't stumbled upon them there.

 Baby Shower Sushi Gift
Inspired by this pin

This is made up of 6 pairs of baby socks (the blue and brown), 4 baby wash clothes (The orange and white) and a onsie (under the fish).  The fish itself if a teether toy and inside the take out box are mini bottles of baby shampoo and baby powder.  The black material is grosgrain ribbon and the rolls are held in place with simple black headed straight pins.

A pumpkin made out of toilet paper tubes
Pinned here

This was a little more complicated than I first thought. We painted the circles after we cut up the cardboard.  If I was to do it again, i would just paint the entire tube and then cut it up.  Also  it took a LOT of glue to get the thin, not exactly straight slices of cardboard to stick to the paper.  This was frustrating to a 5 year old, and really messy:

A Q-tip Skeleton:
Originally pinned here

It was pretty hard to cut through the q-tips.  I ended up doing all the cutting and the girls just glued them down.

A paper bag turkey
Originally inspired by this pin
He was filled with snack size bags of popcorn and we "cut and served" him during the Kindergarten thanksgiving feast.

A Teacher "Survival Kit"

Pinned here.

This is a series of items each with a significant meaning described in the following poem:

Poem source

It was part of the teacher gifts I gave to the kindergarten teachers for Christmas. I picked up most of the items at the dollar store (including the baskets) and it cost me a total of $15 to make both of them.

Button Christmas Ornaments
Original here

I had planned to make a number of these but the original version used all white headed pins.  When I went to purchase white headed pins, I realized it was going to cost me nearly $6 PER ORNAMENT just for the white pins.  So instead I used mixed colored pins and picked out the white, red and green ones.  I then made a second ornament (the left one) with black and navy pins.  

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