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I know you probably didn't think my kitchen was that awful. It is true that from a distance it doesn't seem so bad, but up close you can see how everything is falling apart and isn't decent quality. Plus it is dated. Sure, it isn't super old, but it screams "1980's RV" and I'm not really into the mobile home look.

So you can get a better idea of the problems with the kitchen, I made a little movie for you:

I realize that not everyone despises those cabinets as much as I do, so I didn't just tear up the cabinets and throw them away. (Plus I did want to be eco friendly and of course didn't want to pay for a dumpster!) Instead we donated them to a local charity which helps provide building supplies for services such as Habitat for Humanity. Win-win.

Cost for this part of the remodel:
Demo: 0$

Money Saved by DIY:
Not renting Dumpster: +$300
Tax Deduction for donating Cabinets: +$500

Hell, at this rate, I'll have no trouble with my $10,000 budget!

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