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Powder Room Makeover: Flashback Friday

Powder room makeover
Since my last post featured my mom’s new powder room ceiling, which was inspired by *MY* powder room’s beadboard ceiling, I thought that i was only appropriate that for Frlashback Friday this week, I feature my entire Powder Room Makeover.

I originally updated our bathroom because I wasn’t thrilled with the muddy colors.  The walls had a weird faux finish that had a fuzzy texture and the workmanship was shoddy:

 I also didn’t like the heavy black and silver mirror (it just wasn’t my style):

So for my makeover, I painted the lower half of the room the same color as my trim (Glass of Milk by Martha Stewart/Home Depot) and the top half was Soft Chinchilla (by Benjamin Moore)  and then installed faux panels using chair molding and frame molding (the full tutorial can be found here).  I painted the mirror to match and I installed some basket shelves:

Of course you can’t forget the beadboard ceiling that inspired my mom:

And here is the final result:

It is so much lighter and brighter, and the trim work is nice.  I'm not sure I'm going to leave it this way forever (it has been more than 2 years now) but it is still better than the peach fuzz walls that were there originally! 

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