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Cutting Back on Pinterest, And Why I Need YOUR Inspiration!

Calling all my fellow Pinterest pinners!!  I need to have a little heart to heart with you about a major time suck in my life.. Pinterest. 
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Lately I have been feeling a little overwhelmed by the huge numbers of pins going through my feed.  There are so many great boards out there, and I've been following every blogger that I love, and I just can't keep up anymore.  (I remember when I used to be able to see EVERY SINGLE new pin.)  I feel like, for my sanity, I need to really pare down to my absolute favorite pinners.

Just like I said I wanted to be smarter with my time on social media, I feel the same way about Pinterest. More isn't necessarily better.

So what does this have to do with you?  In a perfect world, I would follow all of my readers' boards, but that is impossible.  So instead of searching for the best pins out there, I thought I would let you bring them to me. (That sure would be nice of you.. )

To do that, I have started 4 new GROUP boards split into my personal favorite categories.
(includes kid's crafts, paper crafts, sewing/quilting, printables, etc)

I would LOVE for you to contribute to them.  Pin your favorite pins and the things that you stumble upon that really inspire you.  Not only will your pins be shared with me, but they will also be shared with all 4,600 of my Pinterest followers.  It is a great way for us to share our inspiration with each other.
My fellow bloggers, please feel free to promote your latest posts (assuming they fall into one of those categories of course) and blog readers, if you find something fantastic I would love to know about it.  The point of these boards is to INSPIRE one another.

And if you don't want to contribute, that is cool too.  Feel free to follow my four new boards though!

So that is my pitch.. If you are interested/willing to join any (or all) of the boards, please leave me your Pinterest name (or email) and I will add you.  I'm looking forward to seeing YOUR pins!

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