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"Recycled" Candy Corn Wreath (For Under $5)


I am always looking for a good way to update my holiday decorations without breaking the bank.  I also love it when one item can do double duty (Like my sparkly red wreath that is perfect for both Christmas and Valentine's Day)

So when I found this spring Forsythia wreath on clearance for 90% off ($1.99) I couldn't pass it up.

I took all the flowers off and saved them for another (more Easter-like) project.  I was left with a really pretty blank wreath form to work with:

JoAnn's had all their fall floral on sale for 70% off (making these less than 50 cents each):

I tore them into individual stems and added them to the wreath, along with some wooden candy corns and a little "Autumn Greetings" sign that I pillaged off some thrift store wooden figurines.  (I still have a little wooden scarecrow and black cat left over!)

I think it turned out pretty cute.. and it looks a lot more expensive than the $5 I have invested in it!   

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