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Master Bathroom Day 3&4: Installing Shower Walls and Floor

When I last posted, I had just completed demo on the master bath shower.  The demo revealed that the floor was only 5/8" OSB and because I was planning on putting in a lot of weight in tile and a poured masonry pan, I knew I had to reinforce it. 

This is what it looked like after demo:

And after reinforcing it: 

The next thing I needed to do was add back the knee wall (only this time it would be shorter and narrower):

An unintended consequence of changing the size of that half wall was that it left a scar in the flooring. (you can see how much smaller the knew wall is going to be):  

I popped out that one tile

And luckily the previous owners left an extra box of these tiles in the garage, which will make for a simple replacement:

The last thing I did in this stage of the shower re-build is line the shower pan with roofing paper. This will act as a moisture barrier between the plywood and the sloped mortar floor that will go in next.  

Lastly I stapeled down metal mesh.  This will give the mortar mix something to stick to.

And that is what we are left with.  

The next two days of the project will involve pouring the first layer of a masonry shower pan.  We are getting there little by little. 

Budget for this part of the remodel: $48.71
Plywood (for subfloor): $19.54
2x4s (for knee wall): $9.31
Roofing Paper: $11.71
Metal Mesh: $8.15

Renovation to date total: $48.71
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