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Master Bathroom Day 1&2: DEMO

It has taken me two days to completely demo out the old shower.  Yep.  Two full days (well, in between ballet classes, volunteering at school, running carpool and keeping house).
Taking down tile, a half wall and a super heavy fiberglass shower pan takes a lot of time.  Going from here to here is a marathon, not a sprint.   
The demo revealed some things about the construction of this shower that make me even MORE happy with my decision to rip it all out.   The tile work was terrible.  There was a big gap between the last row of tile and the shower pan which has just become a moisture collector and has lead to a little mold farm down there. Bleck:

Plus the nasty brass shower frame was a haven for mildew and soap scum.  I can't wait to have a frameless door

A little refresher about how the shower and knee wall looked before:

First step was tearing out the knee wall. I needed to figure out exactly what was housed inside (hoping there was no plumbing in there):

A few layers later and I realized it was EMPTY!! The whole thing could go!   This was also my chance to take down the glass shower walls:

Doesn't it seem so much more open without the brass frame and oversized pony wall?

After the walls were out I started tackling the tile.  That was a LOT of pounding.

By the end of Day one I was left with this:

 And a whole lot of trash in the garage:

Day two was a lot like day one.  I continued to remove the tile and wallboard on the other side of the shower (this is a common wall with my neighbor, hence the insulation): 

I then went on and removed the "faux marble" surround on the tub:

The last big headache was removing the super heavy (fused to the floor) shower pan.  Eventually I got it out and revealed that the floor was super thing.  5/16" plywood.  I knew I would have to re-inforce it.    But that is another day's project. 

It always looks worse before it gets better.  And this is evidence of that: 

Money Spent So Far:  ZERO! 
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  1. You are SuperWoman! Just that last Before and After shot shows how much larger the shower space is now. Great job!

  2. Way to go super woman! That's a lot of work in two days!

  3. Awesome job! I've been scheming how to refresh my bathroom without removing the faux marble...it is at least easier to clean than tile! First I think I should finish the kitchen!

  4. I'm definitely watching this. Demo is always such a scary part because of what you might find!

  5. Oh girl, that was a though job! But I know you're happy it's done! yes, It already feels more open!


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