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I've Settled on a Kitchen Color Scheme!

First, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who commented about what I should do with my kitchen cabinets!  Your feedback was invaluable!  So many of you had great suggestions, and I took them to heart.   

The breakdown of the "votes" (at the time of this post) was:
All Light: 61%
All Dark: 19%
Mix of Light/Dark: 19%

Annnnnd.. the my personal choice is...
Well, actually.. not white.  Like Cape on the Corner suggested, I settled on a warmer tone.. Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore.

Here it is (along with some other colors I am contemplating for the walls):
I know it seems really dark, but I have lived with the paint sample taped up to my counter for more than a year.. Against my granite and dark island it doesn't read like a dark tan.. 

In my previous inspiration post I mentioned that I was in LOVE with pencil tile backsplashes. 
Source: Houzz  
I knew it was fate when I found this tile at, of all places, Costco
 With my coupon it worked out to only $4/square foot!  That is a great deal for pencil tile!  This same tile is $15/square foot at Home Depot!

When I set it all up together I ended up with this:
It is starting to look a lot like my inspiration photo isn't it? 

I also am taking the advice from Jule and Zefi and am going to open up a few of the cabinets, by taking off the doors and creating some open shelving.  I love the look of the cabinet in the upper left of this photo.  I think I can knock off the look with some molding and beadboard.
Source: Better Homes and Gardens
 Lastly, I was able to get a great deal on this faucet I originally posted about:
Pfister via Amazon  
Everything is falling into place!  I am getting started immediately!
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