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Updating Cabinets with Door Hardware

The MoneyPit 2.0 was built in 1992 and this is what the kitchen originally looked like:
Awesome fluorescent light, white tile countertops and creamy appliances.. not to mention oak for as far as the eye can see.  Totally Radical!  

The previous owner went ahead and replaced the white tile and fridge and so when we saw it for the first time on the MLS it looked like this :
Better but not exactly up to date.

On the day we moved it, this is what we saw:
The first thing I did was update the appliances and rip out the lighting.   You can read about that here.  What we ended up with was:
We are slowly getting there.  I still need to upgrade the trash compactor and do something.. anything.. with those awful oak cabinets.

I knew that HARDWARE was the answer.  I decided to mix and match lowers and uppers because the top cabinets were huge (36 inch) cabinets while the bottom ones were standard height. 
I settled on cup pulls and knobs for the lowers, and regular handles for the uppers.

Choosing where to install the cup pulls was easy (dead center of the drawers) and the knobs were easy too, but determining where I wanted to put the upper pulls was tougher.  Nothign a little double sided tape can't remedy:
I had to decide between hanging them higher on the vertical trim or lower, in line with the horizontal trim.  I settled on the former.
I tried to use a store bought door hardware template, but it wasn't big enough to accommodate the handles I choose for the uppers so I had to add a piece of cardboard with additional holes on it. 
I also had the problem that the screws provided with the hardware weren't long enough to go through the thick cabinet doors, so I had two options.  1) Buy longer screws or 2) countersink the screw heads.
I decided to countersink them.  I didn't have a countersink drill bit, so I drilled a shallow hole slightly wider than the screw head with a large bit and then went back and drilled a second smaller hole all the way through the door.
Here is the result:
 It definitely makes the cabinets look better.  It still isn't perfect, and I have a large scale painting/staining project in my future, but for now I at least feel like I have left 1992. 
And when you consider THIS transformation, I would say we are well on our way:

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