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$20 Weekly Budget: Week 1 Results

Week 1 of the $20/week challenge went okay.  My week starts on Sunday and runs through Saturday.  Here is how $20 broke down.

Sunday: $0
Monday: $0

Tuesday: $4.59 for 2 gallons of milk at Costco.
Normally we drink both whole and skim milk in our house. I would either buy 2 gallons at the grocery store for about $3.19/each or buy 4 gallons at Costco. (Since Costco only sells milk in 2-packs) However, this week we are all drinking skim milk.

Wednesday: $1.24 for 4 boxes of cereal and a 6 pack of toilet paper at Walgreens
Yes, I only paid $1.24, thanks to last week's printable cash back coupons. General Mills cereals were on sale 4 for $10 plus you got a $3 coupon for your next visit. Charmin Toilet Paper was on sale $3.99 for 6 double rolls plus I had a 50c off coupon.  I had 2-$6 off coupons from previous purchases so my out of pocket cost was $1.24 PLUS I have a $3 coupon to spend next week

$11.45 at the Farmers Market
3/4 lb Oatmeal (bulk): $0.73
1 lb Granola (bulk): $1.91
1 lb baby carrots: $.99
2 packs Strawberries: $3
4 Apples: $1.21
3 Tangelos $0.73
3 Green Peppers: $1
Leaf Lettuce: $0.88
3 Large Potatoes: $1.10


Saturday: $1.05 for one can of white high gloss spray paint at Home Depot
We went to Home Depot because it was the Kids Workshop and both J and E love to pound a few nails and take home a free DIY project (today was a birdhouse) and I knew I had about $3 left for the week.  I really wanted Rustoleum brand but that was $3.67 a can (plus tax) so I had to go with the 97 cent Quik Color.  (The big project reveal for that spray paint is coming up this week!)


I actually have $1.67 for next week!!!

For me the hardest part of the week was the big adjustment to not stop for a latte at the drive-thru every time I went out and about, and I was a lot more aware of the fact that I *HAD* to have a meal on the table every night.  There wasn't enough money to go out to eat on a whim.  But once I psychologically adjusted, I did okay. I am pretty sure it is going to get harder as the weeks go on because this week we ate A LOT of food out of our pantry.  Once the pasta and frozen chicken breasts are gone, it is going to be a lot more difficult.

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