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How an ugly owl saved me $34

Today at the thrift store I found this little fellow:

He was $3.  It even looks like someone tried to "fix him up" by painting his eyeballs.  Really they only reminded me of the Apple Power Button:

It also looks like he previously served a purpose: holding scouring pads by the sink.  Hence the giant gaping hole in the back of his head and rust stains in the bottom:
Now I know what you are thinking.  That is one UGLY owl.  

Why yes, yes it is.  

And you are asking yourself, why did I waste $3 perfectly good dollars on an ugly owl?  That could buy me half a Starbucks Latte!!

The answer once again lies with Pinterest**.  I knew I can make him look like this:
Much better isn't it?

All it took was a little of spray paint that includes a primer in high gloss white.

Now my little buddy sits in my Solarium window and will eventually hold a little plant (instead of Brillo pads.)

Total cost of project:
$3 Owl
$3.44 Paint (although I only used about 10% of a can)
Total: $6.44

And tonight I almost dropped dead when I found THIS on etsy. Price Tag: $40!! 
Look familiar?!? I guess I just saved myself $34!

E really really wanted me to paint him bright pink.  I guess she gets her 'good ideas gene' from her mom:

Also from Etsy

 Now I just need to find another ugly owl.

**The inspiration came from this pin (actually, I saw the original owl on The Nester but was reminded of it by this pin on Pinterest. Since then there are dozens of white painted ceramic owls on there, but she is where I saw it first.)

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