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This is my list of my absolute favorite blogs.  Some are big, and some are small.  They don't all have the same sense of style, nor feature the same types of projects, but they have *something* that makes them stand out in my heart.  There is even one that isn't 100% in English, but isn't that what online translators are for?

I do read a ton of other blogs..  I literally subcribe to 100s of RSS feeds (so if you are a blogger, I may be reading your blog too!), but these are the ones I go to first.

Mainly DIY/Home Improvement:
Ana White
Pretty Handy Girl
Remodelando La Casa
Sawdust Girl
Thrifty Decor Chick
Addicted to Decorating
Ask Anna
Homestories A to Z
House of Hepworths
Inside 9 B (This blog is mainly in German)
Nellie Bellie
Not Just a Housewife
Two Purple Couches

Not really DIY at all: (but I have known them since my earliest blogging days)
Apple Pie and the Universe
Good Girl Gone Redneck

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