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Want to know more about the girl behind the blog?
Hi! I'm Kim Six, yes.. that is my real name, and I'm the power tool using, sarcastic crafting, iced coffee drinking, thrift store shopping woman behind The Kim Six Fix.

5 Fast Facts about Me:
  • I'm a mom of 3 kids (a tween daughter, a elementary school aged daughter and a preschool aged son.) They go to three different schools so I spend a LOT of time in the car.
  • I cannot stop watching House Hunters and cracking jokes about the buyers on Twitter.
  • I'm frequently grouchy and sleep deprived.. On a typical night I only sleep 4 hours.
  • I have a pretty sarcastic sense of humor.  Some people don't get it.. but in that case I don't really want to be friends with them anyhow! 
  • I am an iced coffee addict (probably due to number 3.) I rarely go 24 hours without visiting a Starbucks. 

How did this blog get started? 
Go here for my blogging story.

What is my blog about? 
 If you are a brand, marketer or PR person, you also want to go here.  

I love sharing easy and inexpensive DIY and craft projects for your home.  I totally believe that you can do anything you set your mind to.  I want to empower other women who may be too intimidated to pick up power tools or are too intimidated to step into a hardware to JUST DO IT!
Radio Icon Delilah and Me at a DIH workshop

I have tackled major renovations and building projects, and made over my home room by room.
I remodeled my master bathroom.. while I was PREGNANT

On the other hand I also love a fast and simple craft project that I could do with my kids or Girl Scout troop.  Sometimes you just want it to be easy.
Nothing is easier than Perler Beads

My sarcastic sense of humor is always lurking just under the surface.
Snarky Tote Bags Anyone?

Is this my only blog?
So glad you asked. (Okay, you probably weren't thinking any sane person would have multiple blogs, but I never insinuated I was sane.) I actually do have two more blogs:

Kim Six Foodie Fix: A food blog focusing on fast and easy recipe for busy moms. (Since I don't have time or energy to cook up complicated recipes.)

Kim Six Blogger Support: This is a tech and SEO support blog for other bloggers using the Blogger/Blogspot Platform

I also wrote a book about SEO on blogger, since I had all this extra free time on my hands apparently..  You can find more information about that here.

Where else do I hang out?
You can find me all over social media. (Isn't that where everyone hangs out these days?) To make it easier to find the content you love, I've split my profiles into different interests.  Follow as many or as few as you like.  And make sure you say hi!  I love 'meeting' my followers!

DIY, Crafts, Woodworking and Home Improvement

Food & Recipes

Blogger Support

Want to tell me something? 
Contact me at:  bloggeradmin (at) thekimsixfix.com

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These are still here too.. Since who doesn't love awards? 

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