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Scrub Daddy vs. Plastic Scouring Pad FACE OFF!

Scrub Daddy vs Other Scouring Pads
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scrub Daddy for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
Scrub Daddy vs Scrubbing Pads
I have always used little crocheted plastic mesh scouring pads on my dishes.  I never used sponges since the germaphobe in me couldn’t stand the idea of a squishy cold block of foam sitting in it’s own moisture.

I never used steel wool since I have too many pans with teflon or plastic and that stuff could take the paint off your car, plus they rust like a mamma-jamma and I want to clean rust stains off my sink about as much as I want to wash my dishes!   So the little plastic nylon donuts were my scrubber of choice.
Plastic scouring pad
That was until I met Scrub Daddy.   *Cue heart eyes and birds singing*
Scrub daddy
The most popular product to ever get its start on the show Shark Tank. (Oh yes.. how do you like that little piece of trivia?) The Scrub Daddy is American’s Favorite Sponge and I can see why.  He has knocked my little plastic scrubby off it’s pedestal and smiled the entire time he was doing it!
Scrub Daddy vs Other Scouring Pads

The Scrub Daddy is firm when dry or in cold water and feels almost like my plastic scrubby pad, but it also softens in warm water to become much more sponge like.  That means that you can get the abrasive qualities of a scrubbing pad AND the moldability of a sponge, all in one.

Because it is made of Flex-Texture material, it has same advantages over steel wool and sponges that a plastic scrubber has (no rust, it dries out completely, doesn’t scratch) but it also has MORE!
Unlike my plastic scrub pads, food and dirt doesn’t get stuck inside the Scrub Daddy. It rinses completely clean.  Because of that it stays odor free, which is a big deal for me. (The same thing couldn’t be said about sponges!)

Scrub Daddy's shape is much more convenient, since you can grip it from the center (in the eye holes) as well as the outside.  You can’t grip the center of a scouring pad.  Plus who doesn’t want a happy smiling face looking up at you from the sink?!
The other thing it can do?  GO IN THE DISHWASHER!

Oh yes! I’d never run my plastic scrubber though the dishwasher since it would melt, but the Scrub Daddy can be sanitized in the dishwasher!  I love things that make life easy!
I had never used a Scrub Daddy before, but (in typical fashion) I had a pile of dirty dishes sitting next to the sink, so I decided to record my first time trying it out.

Here is my experience:  

What I learned about the product: It really does do what it says it will.

Now let’s look at It was firm in cold water and soft in warm.  It rinsed quickly and easily, with no food particles being caught up inside.  I HATE that about my plastic mesh scouring pads, they get so nasty and are difficult to rinse.

I used both my regular scrubbers and my Scrub Daddy for a few days, and then I rinsed and dried them thoroughly.

This was my Scrub Daddy:
Scrub Daddy after rinsingThese were my plastic mesh scouring pads. YEAH.. GROSS!
Plastic Scubby Pads Used
I love the idea that it cleans and scrubs with no additional cleansers, not only from a chemical point of view, but also from a convience point of view. If I can just get the Scrub Daddy wet and go, there will be no reason to come back and wipe off any soap residue, no need for extra rinses.

Now, to be fair, Scrub Daddies do cost a little more than the plastic mesh scouring pads, but they are more versatile and convienent.  They actually replace both your scouring pad and your sponge (if you use both) yet provide features the others don’t have.
There are a few more things about Scrub Daddy that I should tell you, even if they weren’t a selling point for me, they are features that others will find useful.

You can get them in multiple colors (if you need to know which scrubber goes where, in cases of allergies, or if you using one in your bathroom or outdoors etc.)
Scrub Daddy Line of ScrubbersYou can get them in lemon scented.

You can buy the Scrub Mommy version that has as sponge on one side. (I don’t use sponges but the sponge lovers out there can rejoice!)
Scrub Mommy Sponge
They make an eraser version with a XXXX on one side.Eraser Daddy
They come in square or rectangular if you hate happy faces.  (Who are you!?!?)

They are available in All Major Retailers as well as online.  You can check them out on their Scrub Daddy Facebook page as well.   Anything that makes life easier!

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