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Stenciled Spray Snow Snowflakes

Stenciled spray snow snowflakes on glass
Happy first day of winter!  I thought I'd celebrate by brining you a snowflake themed craft today.  It is part of our monthly "Create and Share" Challenge, where a group of bloggers gets together and creates a project based on a theme.

This month theme was STENCILS and we were so lucky that the fabulous people at Cutting Edge Stencils were willing to sponsor it.  Nine other bloggers and myself were challenged a holiday themed stencil in a simple DIY project.

I think I was the only one to use snowflakes, and I KNOW I was the only one to use spray snow, although there were some other non-paint uses in the group as well.  You definitely should see the other submissions. 

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My medium of choice was Spray Snow (also called Santa Snow or Spray Frost).  It is the stuff that comes in a can and you can spray it around your windows to make them look snowy or frosty.

I decided to kick it up a notch and use it with stencils.
Stenciled spray snow snowflakes on mirror
 Where did I get this idea? 

Well, my dining room has a GIANT mirror on the far end of it (since we live in a townhouse, that is shared wall and the mirror gives the illusion of a window.)   The problem is that it also can feel really “tunnel” like it reflects the long rectangular dining room table.  Not like a real window.
Plain Dining Room Mirror
And since we never get snow here is California, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to add some of my own!  Like a little snow shower outside of the window. Snowflakes on oversized mirrorThey look perfect on that mirror!
Snowflakes sprayed on mirrorTo get this effect I chose the three-piece snowflake stencil set (in Medium) from Cutting Edge Stencils which was PERFECT for this! If your window or mirror is smaller they make a smaller set that would work better.

The only other thing you need is some Spray Snow (or “Santa Snow”).  Don’t use paint unless you don’t want it to come off easily!
Spray santa snow with snowflake stencils
The process is pretty easy.   Tape up the stencil, spray the snow from 6-12 inches away and remove stencil.  You may want to put down newspaper below where you are spraying since some will fall to the floor. Stenciling glass with spray snow
The beauty of the stencil set is that you get three different sized snowflakes, and you can use the stencils over and over.  You could even layer them! Snowflake stencils with spray snowThe spray snow is really cool too since it actually looks frosty, with a slight texture.
Spray snow snowflakeAnd if you spray it on a mirror, it looks like the flakes are actually FLOATING.  I love the illusion.
Snowflakes stenciled on mirror
Of course, if you didn’t have a big mirror, you could also spray them on windows or glass doors.  They are semi-transparent and would really pretty in the sunlight. Stenciled snowflakes on glassAnd once the season is over, they wipe right off with a little glass cleaner.
Removing spray snow from glass
And the best part.. I get to enjoy my snow at a balmy 70 degrees!

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