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15 Minute Minky Baby Blanket

Hi friends! Alicia here from Sew What Alicia again with a really fun, quick, and easy baby blanket. If you are like me you think one day at a time and so things sneak up on you! This is a great last minute baby gift that you could whip up before you leave for a shower or even before you leave to meet a new baby!


1 yard minky
1 yard flannel
15 Minute Blanket | www.kimsixfix.com

Optional (kinda):
Walking foot
15 Minute Blanket | www.kimsixfix.com
You  may not have ever used a walking foot. But I assure you that in this case you really want to use one. When I first started sewing minky was something I really wanted to work with. I didn't know about a walking foot and so I bought and wasted a lot of fabric because I had no idea how to use it! So believe when you want to use your walking foot. I know it can be intimidating looking but here is how it looks installed on my machine (all machines are different if you are having trouble just youtube it and you can find lots of videos telling you how to install it!)
15 Minute Blanket | www.kimsixfix.com

15 Minute Blanket | www.kimsixfix.com
Alright now to the actual construction of the blanket. Line the two fabrics up right sides together. You will be looking at the wrong side of the fabric both on top and bottom. Now this next step may seem like overkill but again just trust my previous failures on this subject and trust me...mmkay? Pin the living daylights out of those two pieces of fabric.
15 Minute Blanket | www.kimsixfix.com
I know it looks like a ton of pins, and IT IS! I was going to call this a 10 minute baby blanket but pinning and taking pins out took 5 minutes alone so I had to tack that extra 5 on! Just pin a lot to hold the minky in place. It will slide wherever you don't pin it so pin it everywhere!!! Not all yards of fabric are created equal...I know weird right?!?! After you pin if there is a side that is a touch longer go ahead and trim it up. I just use scissors for this. I am not super worried about it being completely straight (unless it is totally angled or crooked then I would fix it.)

Find a place in the middle of one side that is about 4-6 inches. You are NOT going to sew there. You can mark it with a pen if you want so you don't forget. This is going to be the hole you use to turn the fabric right side out. Don't close the whole thing up or you are going to have to pick the seam out and that is super annoying! I used a black thread so you could see below how I left it open.
15 Minute Blanket | www.kimsixfix.com

Next we will trim the corners, this helps a ton when you turn it out to make the corners crisp.
15 Minute Blanket | www.kimsixfix.com

Now take all the pins out...annoying I know :( and we are ready to reach in and pull the right side of the fabric out through the hole we left. You will want to use a pencil is stick or something pointy to push the corners out. Don't push too hard or use scissors because you don't want to rip the seam or the fabric. It won't be perfect, but I have never had a baby complain about the corners!
The last step is to pin the hole closed and then top-stitch around the entire edge of the blanket. Try and keep the seam even because you will be able to see this seam on top of the blanket. Now you ALWAYS want to use the same thread on the top and bottom of your machine. In cases like this I make a tiny exception to this rule. If you are using the same brand and exact same type of thread, I use Guterman Sew-All, then it is ok in just this one scenario to use a different color. I used navy on the bottom and cream on the top. Don't mix types though, for example a sew all thread and an invisible thread or quilting thread, it will gum up your machine and you could break something. 
15 Minute Blanket | www.kimsixfix.com
That is it! 
15 Minute Blanket | www.kimsixfix.com
I like to use the little piece of excess that I trimmed off as a ribbon, it adds a cute touch and makes it gift ready in no time at all!
15 Minute Blanket | www.kimsixfix.com

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Thanks for letting me share this fab blanket with you! You can always find me over on Sew What Alicia sharing sewing tutorials and sewing tips.
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