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Gift Ideas for Woodworkers That They Will Love


Today is the day I’m sharing my gift ideas for any woodworkers in your life.  Since I’m getting more and more involved with building and woodworking projects, this is a mix of things I already own (and love) and things that have been recommended to me by other woodworkers and so they are on my very own wish list.  (**Products I actually own are indicated with an asterisks)

And if you aren’t shopping for a woodworker, never fear! Jeanette from Snazzy Little Things actually gathered up 60 more bloggers to create their own gift guides for other interests and I'm sharing those today too.  

From book lovers to fashionistas, you will find something for everyone! (Scroll to the bottom for these other great gift guides).  

But right now, I'm sharing  ALL THINGS WOODWORKING!!!! 
This list doesn’t include things that most woodworkers would like to pick out themselves (like power tools) since those are a very personal choice and don’t typically make good gifts.   But this list is full of fun things that most woodworkers wouldn’t know they needed until they actually received them.

Obviously some of these things will be more useful to some woodworkers than to others (for example, some items require a router or circular saw to use, so you want to make sure your gift recipient already owns one), but I tried to include a little bit of everything.  You should be able find at least a few items that would make a great gift.  (I know I’d like to get anything on this list!)

This list contains affiliate links. 

Stocking Stuffers: 

Bench Dog Non-Slip Bench Cookies (For holding and lifting work pieces without clamps)
Bench dogs
AlignRight Cabinet and Drawer Template** (For adding hardware onto cabinetry)
Drawer template
Painting Pyramids (Elevates painted surfaces while drying)
Painting py

Rustoleum Comfort Grip Spray Paint Nozzle** (for easier spray painting)

Under $25:

DIY Project Calculator (Uses Feet & Inches without Decimals) 
Wood calc

Purdy Clear Cut** (for water based and cutting in applications) & White Bristle** (for Oil Based Paints/Stains) Brushes.  These are, hands down, THE BEST paint brushes on the market! 

Magno Grip (Magnetic hardware holder)
Magno grip

Right Angle Clamp** (great for picture frames)
Right angle clamp
Online Woodworking Classes from Craftsy (There are some seriously AWESOME classes available online.  And what a great gift idea!) 

Under $50:

Kreg Rip Cut**  (Circular Saw Guide)  
Rip cut
Work Tunes** (Ear protection with built in MP3/AM/FM)

Wood Magazine Annual Subscription** (Free Plans and Great Tips every Month)

Carhartt Standard Tool Belt (Keep everything close at hand)

Under $100:

Kreg K4 Joinery System** (for creating pocket holes)


Gripper System (for holding and pushing projects on table saw or router)
Portamate Wall Mount Wood Storage Rack (Adjustable and holds up to 600 pounds of lumber)
71iYYR88eAL SL1500


Quick Release Workbench Vise** (Just like an extra set of hands)

Rockler Complete Dovetail Jig (to create dovetail joints using a router)
Rockler jig
Tennyson Dollhouse Kit (A great way to get practice building entire house!) 

Aren't those fabulous ideas?

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