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Skull and Bones Wreath from Dollar Store Salad Tongs

Skeleton Salad Tongs Wreath
This is one of the quickest craft projects I’ve taken on in a while, but I ADORE how it came out.  When I was originally scheming up a way to use these funny Skeleton Arm salad tongs I found at the dollar store, I didnt’ think it would come out as cute as it did. Skeleton arm salad tongs

These little two packs of salad tong were $1 at Dollar Tree.  I bought 4 2-packs.  Then I also bought three light up glitter skulls.  Dollar store glitter skulls and salad tongs
Total cost of this project: $7
The process was pretty simple. I formed the arm bones into a circle and glued them together with hot glue:
Glue gun salad tongs for wreath
To make it easier to glue them together, I had the hands “grip” onto the next arm bone in the circle. (It also gave the illusions the bones were holding themselves together and it made the wreath lay flatter)
Dollar store skeleton tongs wreath
Next I glued the skulls on.  Since add numbers are more aesthetically pleasing than even, I went with three skulls
Sparkly styrofoam skulls
Finally I added a black grosgrain ribbon bow.  The ribbon was leftover from something.. A gift basket or something I think.  I didn’t have to buy it. Black grosgrain ribbon bow on halloween wreathI made sure to leave access the ‘on-off’ switch on the skulls so I could make their little eyes glow if I wanted to.  (I have never actually turned them on I must admit.. but I could if I wanted to!)
Glitter skull and bones wreathIt looks so cool against my black front door.  Creepy and awesome:
Skull and bones halloween wreath with black ribbon
Arm bones and skulls creepy wreath
Skull and bones
The bones aren’t true white.. but more of a grey, so you could hang them on a white door too. Skull and bones wreath halloween
A fun twist on a traditional Halloween door wreath! Dollar store skull and bones halloween wreath

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