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Baker's Twine Stitched Easter Eggs

Embroidered easter eggs

Today is officially the first day of spring!  And of course that means I’m getting fired up for Easter.  I pulling my Easter stuff out this week and realized just how many fake plastic eggs I have. Easily hundreds.  And so I thought I would experiment on a few with my Dremel to see what I could come up with.   This sorta ‘playing’ is exactly how I stumbled across the fact you could etch and illuminate plastic christmas balls and we all know how cool that came out.

Supplies to make drilled easter eggs
I found some seasonal bakers twine for $1 and I thought it would be really cool if I could ‘stitch’ the eggshell with it and so I used the Dremel tool to punch holes into the egg that I could run the twine though. Drilling egg with dremel toolYou could do a similar thing with a drill and small gauge bit, but the Dremel was easier to use and the holes were the perfect size.
Dremel to drill eggNext I wrapped the end of the twine in tape.  Because of the curve of the egg you could use a real needle to ‘sew’ with and the twine itself was too flexible (and had the tendency to fray).
Taping bakers twine for sewing
I tried all sorts of different patterns and designs.  It was actually pretty fun.
Sewing plastic eggEven my kids got into the act. Child sewing easter eggOnce one side of the egg was complete it was time to work on the other.
Stitching easter eggOnce I got the hang of it, it went pretty fast. Egg with cross stitchThey certainly are unique now!Easter eggs bakers twine

Here is the process in a nutshell:
Check that out! My first gif!   SO FANCY!! 

Cross stitched easter eggs

If you are interested in creating your own eggs, I've included the supply list below (aff links):

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