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Flashback Friday: July in Review

Why hello August! It feels like summer vacation just started, yet here you are.. the gateway to Autumn.  I feel like I didn’t get a ton of projects done since July was so packed with vacations and conferences, but it has been fun.

First there was Haven, which was definitely my highlight of the summer.  I feel really bad that in my recap post I left someone off of the “awesome attendees” list.  So now I want to take a second to tell you to visit Julia at JustSomethingIWhippedUp. She is a BRAND.SPANKING.NEW blogger, and is fixing up a house back in Boston, which makes her near and dear to my heart.

In addition to the conference I also wrote about Hands of Haven day in honor of Habitat for Humanity.

While visiting the east coast for Haven I stopped by mom mom’s house and helped her upgrade her bathroom vanity backsplash:

I actually have a few other projects to share from that visit. I can’t wait for you to see her other bathroom!

Hands down, my post popular post this month was not a DIY one at all, but was about the trip back home where I had a LIFE ALTERING experience with a stranger on my flight.

Of course Haven wasn’t the only conference I attended this past July.  I also attended BlogHer'14 right here in San Jose, and although I wasn’t able to connect with as many bloggers in my niche, it was still a TON of fun.

I did get a few projects done in between all my traveling,  including organizing our playroom  and giving you a tour:

I also set up a Silhouette work station which helped me get rid of a lot of clutter that used to be housed on the dining room table:
I had one super fun and whimsical craft this month, my decoden candy jar:

And a brussel sprout recipe collection rounds off the month (to balance off the sugar from that candy jar!):

I actually have plans to attend one more conference in August and then hopefully I can jump back into some big projects.   So much to do.. so little time..

So what have you been up to?

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