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Back To School Fall Mantel

Back to school mantel decorating
My kids actually don’t start back to school for a few more weeks, but a lot of my friends and family have kids that are already back, so instead of jumping right into the “leaves and pumpkins” fall type theme, I thought instead I would put up a back-to-school mantel.
A back to school mantel
I threw it together in about 15 minutes and with only stuff I had lying around. Things like pencils and alphabet blocks came out of the kids’ toy closet:
Alphabet blocks
These apples are actually REAL apples.  (Normally I use wax fruit, but I didn’t feel like scouring the garage for my fake apples.. I was in the middle of watching the Chopped Teen Tournament!)

Back to school vignette
The kids use this dry erase board to make “Keep Out” signs for their room.. I have to admit, I've lost my cursive skills.
Cursive Alphabet
This globe is something I picked up at the flea market (the girls have been begging for a “world”) and so when this one was only $10, I snapped it up.  It isn’t exactly up to date, but it is the world. Globe and children
The only thing that required any effort for this setup was the banner from flashcards.  I just used a hole punch and strung them on a ribbon.  Flash card banner
I got the little wallhanging from my mother in law.  It hung in my sister in laws bedroom when she was a kid.  I just LOVE it!
Back to school mantel
Now, my kids don’t seem to love this vignette as much as I do.  Maybe they don’t want to be reminded that summer vacation is almost over.   And the 5 year old just keeps saying “Mommy.. we don’t need to have those letters up there, I already know my ABCs!”
School children mantel
 That is okay.. Since I’m happy to celebrate the return to school!
School mantel

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