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Ten Brussels Sprout Recipes for People Who Don't Like Brussels Sprouts

10 Recipes for Brussels Sprouts for People Who Don't Like Sprouts (But after this.. they will LOVE THEM!)
Any long term follower of my blog will know I have become a HUGE fan of brussels sprouts, and anyone who knows me in real life knows that is a SHOCKING fact because I am not usually a fan of anything green.

But since I learned a few tricks in preparing them, they are now one of my 'go to' veggies of all time! Yes.. OF ALL TIME!!  Therefore, for today's flashback friday I thought I would share a few awesome Sprout recipes.  Since if you haven't tried them prepared with brown sugar and bacon, well.. you are doing it wrong.

The key to a good sprout is to not have them be mushy.. since mushy is bleck.  Crispy is great (Hey I can even choke down Kale if it is crispy.)

Here is my trick for getting them crispy in the oven:
And once you have them crispy, the variations on flavor are endless.

Like Balsamic, Brown Sugar and Bacon:

Or Honey Glazed with Walnuts and Bacon:

Use them on pizza like White On Rice Couple does:

If you are convinced you still absolutely HATE sprouts, I dare you to try this Hot Cheesy Brussels Sprouts dip.  You will be a convert.

Have you caught on to the theme here? All those recipes pair sprouts up with BACON!!   Well.. you can also cut to the chase and just bacon wrap them like Taste As You Go does:

And if that beautiful pork product isn't your thing, here are a few other options: A simple black pepper and breadcrumb crusted sprout recipe from Horses and Heels (OH MY GOSH..YUM!)

Cookie and Kate has a great recipe to prepare them with Cranberries and Barley:

An alternative prep method (thanks to Alton Brown and Food Network) is grilling them:

Or if you don't want to cook them at all, a fine shred will result in a wonderful slaw ingredient, like these in Food52's Sprout Salad with Red Onion, Lemon and Pecorino.

Are you a Brussel Sprouts fan?  I would love to hear your favorite recipes!

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