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Princess Dinosaur Birthday Party and Spa Day

Princess Dinosaur Party
If anyone has a four year old, you know how quickly they change their minds about things.  My four year old daughter is no exception.

When I asked her what she wanted as a theme for her fourth birthday party, she couldn’t decide between Princesses and Dinosaurs, her two favorite things.  After going back and forth about the pros and cons of each theme, we eventually decided that she wanted the best of both.. a Princess Dinosaur party.

Needless to say, there aren’t a lot of ideas for “Princess Dinosaurs” floating around out there.  We had to get creative.

The first thing I dealt with was the cake.  Instead of making a design on it, I decided to go with a simple cake, and use a Princess dinosaur cake topper.  In this case it is a Schleich Triceratops figurine, wearing a barbie tutu and crown (yes, it turns out that Barbie and a Triceratops share a similar waistline!)
Princess dinosaur

The rest of the cake was pretty simple.  A flat pink base with her initials on the side:

Dinosaur princess cake

She was definitely satisfied with how it turned out:
Princess dinosaur birthday girl

We decided to host the party at a local “Princess Spa” which is a nail salon that caters to the under 10 set.  We set up the little princess buffet which featured pink lemonade “champagne” and finger foods.
Princess dinosaur party

The little girls were treated to manicures:
Princess manicures
And of course it wouldn’t be a princess party without your own tiara:
Princess manicure

The birthday girl, sipping ‘champagne’ and enjoying her pedicure:
Princess pedicure

While waiting their turns, the guests got to choose between a princess or dinosaur craft:
Princess birthday craft

Of course we had to sing and enjoy cake and ice cream:
Princess dinosaur birthday cake

We also wanted to do Dinosaur party favors, so I picked up this cute wooden dinosaurs (they were only 79 cents) and I personalized each with the guest’s names.
Dinosaur cupcake pick
I glued them to popsicle sticks to make cupcake picks and stuck them into Costco cupcakes:
Personalized dinosaur cupcakes

I wrapped each one individually as a take home party favor (on “Princess” plates of course!):
Dinosaur cupcake
It turned out to be a perfect day.  My four year was so happy that we could incorporate both themes, and the little girl guests (who weren’t necessarily into dinosaurs as much as the birthday girl), all seemed to enjoy their princess spa day.

If you are interested in throwing your own “Princess Dinosaur” party, I have found a few other ideas and thought I would throw them out there:
Princess Dinosaur Ideas

The perfect Princess AND Dinosaur cake from And Everything Sweet:
Princess dinosaur tiered cake

Or how about this great Pink Princess T-Rex Cake?
Pink princess t rex cake

And I love this little girly dinosaur from MyPinkLittleCake:
Dinosaur princess cake

For the fashionable birthday girl, this cute little appliquéd shirt would be ideal:
Princess dinosaur shirt

There is a commercially available version on Zazzle:

Or this one from Cafe Press:
Girls like dinosaurs too rawrrhh tshirt

Here are some darling FREE printable invites from Melissa Esplin (she also has favor bags and dino stickers in her download):
Princess dino invitation

Or these great party printables from Etsy? (Yes, this is for a boy-girl dual party, but you could easily modify them.)
Princess dinosaur printable

And even though this isn’t a true Princess Dinosaur theme party, I would be remiss if I didn’t include Pamela Smerkers’s Girly Dinosaur Party:
Girly dinosaur party

I guess the combination of princesses and dinosaurs is proof that you can work with any theme.. no matter how strange it may seem at first!

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  1. Jusami also makes some great t-shirts with a princess riding a dinosaur. http://jusami.com/

  2. Oh my gosh! Those T-Rexes with the heart shirts are darling! Thanks for sharing that site with me!

  3. This is so sweet! I love how you made it work. :)

  4. Cristina @ Remodelando la CasaMarch 22, 2014 at 12:37 PM

    You gave her the best of both worlds! Love the cake :)


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