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A Traditional Christmas Front Porch

I'm excited to show you my porch this year.  It is very traditional, but I like it that way.
A simple garland around the door in greens with red berries and gold ribbons
The greens are actually a hybrid of real and fake greens, but the poinsettias are real.  Luckily we are in a moderate climate so they do really well outside. 
I used the kids' Radio Flyer filled with poinsettias and also draped it in greens to add a little whimsy.
I promise I will share my secrets for getting full and real-looking garlands in a future post. 

I think I like it best at night, when everything is lit up with tiny white lights...
 ...but it is still really pretty during the day:
What do you think? 
I wanted to take a minute and get something off my chest that has been bothering me and I felt like I needed to explain.  I have been really really really behind getting all my holiday posts out.  And I know in blog land, I am probably "too late" for most of these posts, but I'm still proud of them, and I am going to go ahead and share them anyways.  
We traveled for Thanksgiving this year and I admit I came back feeling overwhelmed and like I was drowning in the sea of Christmas "to-dos".  I have never really caught up, and it is showing in my blog content. 
I recently read a post on BlogHer where Gina talks about why she is "Hanging up her Blogging Stocking" for the holiday season.  A lot of it really resounded with me, since the holidays (at least for me) are all about my family and so I have found my blog has been suffering.  I can't spend huge chunks of my time hunched over my computer, while the holidays pass me by.  My kids will only be young for so long, and I want to spend as much time as I can making memories and building traditions.
I love sharing those traditions here on my blog, but I if I can only commit to one thing.. it is going to be my kids, not my blog.  So under those time constraints I would rather put out LESS content that is really GOOD, than A LOT of content that is only SO-SO.
 Hopefully my long term readers will understand.. and the rest of you can at least hang in there.

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