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Stenciled Curtains: Vertical Accent Stripes (Waves)

In the nursery I knew I wanted to try painting some cheap Ikea curtains for a more custom look. (I decided on one pair of Lenda tab-top curtians which were less than $20!) I also thought, that because there was already so much color and pattern in the room,  I would have to make the curtains more subtle than I had originally planned. 

Using this photo as my new inspiration:
And my version:

How did I get that cool shape?

I used the new Wave Shape Tape by FrogTape (this IS NOT a sponsored post.. I just had a free sample of it from my swag bag at Haven.)
image courtesy FrogTape
To get the pattern I wanted, I needed two strips (one for each side of the wave.) In order to conserve tape I used a scissors to cut it down the middle:

And then I stuck it down on the curtain with the wavy sides facing each other (cut sides out):

I used a relatively dry brush with some leftover red sample paint to color in the stencil:

Here is the finished pattern:

I repeated the stripe approximately 6 inches from each end of the curtain:

Here is what they look like hanging in the room:
 I do love how they add a tiny pop of color without being large heavy stripes.

It isn't a huge detail, but it does make a big difference. Check out the before and after:

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  1. Love the stencil on the drapes.It looks whimsical and is so much nicer than just a strip of colour. It really kicks them up and relates them to the other red accents in your fabulous nursery.

  2. Super cute and totally finishes off the perfect room! Great job!
    Angie in Tennessee

  3. What a great idea!


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