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Easy Baseball Cupcakes.. SERIOUSLY Easy

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One of our family pastimes in the summer is good All-American baseball. We not only love to attend some pro and semi-pro games in our area,

but also both of the girls play softball and/or t-ball during the late spring and early summer.

So this year when my 7 year old had a season wrap-up party and I was assigned a dessert to bring, I  HAD to make little baseball cupcakes. The problem was I had a 3 week old at the time, and there was no way I could dedicate a lot of time to whipping something up from scratch.

Enter Pillsbury. I was able to find a red and white cake mix, white frosting and a Wilton Icing Writer in bright red. Except for the baking and actual decorating, everything was done for me.

I quickly baked up 2 dozen cupcakes

I simply frosted them in white, and then added the red stitching lines

The frosting writer made it easy since I didn't even have to drag out my food color or piping bags. The stitches were just two arches with little carrots(?) running along them?

I stacked them on my cupcake display tower, and ta-dah! Less than 30 minutes worth of work, and about $6 in supplies, I had some pretty custom looking cupcakes!


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