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ZeFronk's Watermelon Slush (and Popsicles!)

I don't normally get my recipes from an animated Disney Jr. character, but the kids insisted we give this one a shot.
If you don't know who ZeFronk is, let me introduce you.  He is a wiener-dog with a French accent that cooks "taste-zee treats" with his assistant Sue (a bird.)  He spends a lot of time avoiding his nemesis, a cat named Dom, who tries to steal the finished products.
Source: Disney
The actual episode for "Zee Thai Watermelon Slush" isn't available, but here you can watch ZeFronk making Banana-Berry Smoothies (which is pretty much the same idea):

Just a word of warning.  The theme song will get stuck in your head! 

The kids insisted that they recalled the recipe for Watermelon Slush, so we made it from their memories. 
We used 2 cups of watermelon and about 3/4 cup of crushed ice.  
(The actual recipe also calls for 1 Tbsp honey, but our slushes were already really sweet, so we didn't add any.)

Blend the ice in a blender and then add watermelon and mix until slushy.
Serve immediately.

The resulting slush tastes pretty much like watermelon (shocker I know!)
We had quite a bit of it left over and so we decided to turn the leftover slush into popsicles. We got this really nice mold set at Ikea. I like that you can take each individual mold out and run it under water to release the popsicle.  And it was only $1.99!

The popsicles were definitely a just as big of a hit as the slushes!

Thanks ZeFronk! 

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  1. Sometimes it's the simple things that make us happy... ;)

  2. Gotta love that ZeFronk! Your daughter is darling. I love that little Popsicle maker- xo Diana

  3. lol! Love it, getting your recipe from a cartoon character! ;)

    Those look so refreshing!


  4. only a mom can replicate a recipe from a cartoon! Awesome!

  5. Kim- that opening photo is priceless!!! BTW, I like the changes you've made on your blog... seems more personal with the "about kim" section and photos. Oh, and I like the wording of the subtitle. You are awesome:)


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