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Updating The Fireplace Screen (A Teaser)

  UPDATE: FINALLY IT IS FINISHED!  See this post for the reveal!   

My family/play room has a fireplace and a couple of oak lined built in bookcases around it.

It has so much potential, but it is pretty ugly right now.

Currently it houses our TV and a bunch of bric-a-brac.  Because this is the casual TV/playroom I have a framed canvas of children around the world above the mantle (clearly not a formal space.) But I still think the whole wall (which has way too many focal points) could be updated.

One of the things I hated about it most, were the brass accents on the fireplace screen.  Yes! More BRASS! It is actually a pretty cool gas see-though double sided fireplace.  It is covered in travertine (yesss!) but the actual fireplace screen insert is dated.

My neighbor recently replaced her screen with a solid black one like this and I knew that is what I wanted:

Only that bad boy cost $205 for each side (Remember I need TWO!)

Yeah, not happening.

So instead I taped off everything that wasn't brass:
And gave it a spray of matte black paint + primer:

And what I ended up with was:
 Well, that PLUS $408 extra dollars in my pocket! 

But this is ONLY THE FIRST STEP!  I am actually making over the entire wall of built ins.  Here is a little sneak preview...
Check back later to see what I have done with it. 

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  1. Good for you!!!! I have the same brass doors ...uuugh! now I need to get some primer,spray paint and get to updating! Love it and can't wait to see how the after looks!!!

  2. I need to do this too!!

    Did you use a heat resistant spray paint? And if so, (assuming you liked it) what brand did you use??

    p.s. It looks GREAT!

  3. I didn't use high heat paint because my fireplace has a very small burner that generates next to no heat. The screen stays cool to the touch. If you have a heat-blower or real wood burning fireplace I would definitely use the High Heat stuff!

  4. Great job! I want to do the same! Yours really came out great and you not only saved a lot of money, but you didn't just 'waste' what was perfectly good, you know? You found a way to update it, so good for you.

  5. We just moved and this is on my list of 1 million changes to make. Thanks for showing me my crazy idea might work!


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