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Pinkalicious Pretzels!

This weekend our Girl Scout troop is hosting a Pinkalicious themed party (before the troop goes to see Pinkalicious: The Musical, on stage).  

I volunteered to make the favor that the girls got to take home.  The theme of the day was "Pink! Pink! Pink!" and the only other requirement is that our little Girl Scout had to help in the preparation. 

So I decided we were going to make chocolate dipped pretzels, since I knew they were easy, I could make them quickly and the girls could help:

In order to fit the Pink theme we sprinkled them in various types of sprinkles:

And then we tied them into bundles and labeled them.

One bag of Wilton Candy Melts was enough to cover two bags of Pretzel Rods (about 5 dozen.)

I am pretty sure everyone will be happy with their take home treat.. and if they don't like it I can always remind them "You get what you get, and you don't get upset!" 
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