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Meal Planning with only your Pantry and $20 Week 3

This week was really crazy at our house. We had a lot of extra curricular activities and hubs had to work late a couple nights.  That made meal planning a lot more difficult.

Sunday: Leftover chili.  
I actually took the kids to see Beauty and the Beast at the movie theater with a gift card we received at Christmas.  I snuck in some juice boxes and fruit snacks and signed up for the theater's loyalty program in order to receive a free small popcorn.  The kids were so full of junk that they weren't really hungry anyhow.

Monday: Herb-Crusted Petite Sirloin, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Green Bean Almondine
I bought potatoes last week but the steak and beans were in the freezer.
Tuesday: Burgers and Steak Fries
Because the weather has been so great, we decided to grill out.  I had frozen steak fries in the freezer.

Wednesday: Frozen Pizza and Mixed Veggies
E had a Girl Scout meeting and hubs was working late so I wanted something fast and easy since the kids were about to chew off their arms by the time we got home.  Normally we go out to eat on the third Wednesday of the month, but that wasn't happening.

Thursday: Chicken Taco Pie (Betty Crocker)
 This was good and easy. I did have to spend nearly $2.50 to buy cheddar cheese and I also added a bag of frozen mixed Mexican veggies (black beans, corn, broccoli and peppers) which made it more hearty.

Friday:  Mexican Hash Brown Dinner (Pinterest)

This was basically the same recipe as yesterday only instead of Bisquick and chicken, you use hash browns and ground beef.  Although the original recipe only called for corn, I once again added mixed Mexican veggies.  I chose it because I had a bag of hash browns in the freezer I was trying to get rid of, and needed a casserole that didn't use a cream soup or sour cream base.  The kids and hubs liked this a lot more than the previous night's version.

Saturday: Spaghetti Mariana
This is hubs 'go-to' meal.  He would eat it every day if I let him.  Since I was busy working on a home improvement project (I will reveal later) he cooked dinner and of course he chose spaghetti.

All in all this week's meal weren't nearly as creative as previous weeks, but we are still mostly dining out of the pantry. Only 10 more days to go.  Hopefully I can hang in there!

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