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The New House: Painting The Girls' Room

We have moved into our new Money Pit!!  There are so many projects to do, this blog is going to be really busy. 

My first big project was getting the girls' room set up.  Unlike our old house, this new place only has 3 bedrooms, so both girls are going to share the same room.  Thank goodness they are still at the age where they think that will be 'fun'!

When we moved I promised E that she could finally have pink walls, but I knew I couldn't personally handle a room that was entirely pink.  Therefore, inspired by this photo, I decided upon 'board and batten' wainscoting to balance the pink.

The first thing I needed to do was pick out an actual color of pink:
After going thru a TON of paint samples and a lot of apathy from a 5 year old girl and a 36 year old man, I settled on Martha Stewart's Carnation from Home Depot.
I liked it because it was a true "bubblegum" pink with a slightly greyed down tone so your retinas aren't scorched when you look at it.

I decided to paint the top 5 feet (Of my 10 foot tall walls) because I wanted to have 6 foot tall board and batten (like the inspiration photo.) 


Room before:


At this point I had to take a break and load the furniture and hang the window treatments (including blackout shades.)  The window in this room faces East and the kids were getting up at the crack of dawn.  The board and batten would have to wait.

Until it goes up we are living with a half painted room.  You get an idea of how the boards are going to look in contrast to the pink.  I'm pretty excited about it:

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