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Powder Room Inspiration

I did it.. I decided that I was going to tackle the powder room.  Honestly, this is probably not the project I should be working on.  I have rooms in my house that are WAAAY worse than the powder room (like the master bedroom and bath) but nobody really sees those.  The downstairs powder room is the one room that visitors use and see on a regular basis and I am dying to update it.

Here is the powder room right now:
Ironically I didn't take any pictures of it on move in day (like I did the rest of the house) because the previous owners had updated it (removed the oak vanity and put in a pedestal sink) so I thought I would be able to live with it.

I was wrong.

I hate the paint color and the fact it is a "faux texture" paint that is supposed to look like suede. It is all blotchy where ever a hole has been patched and attracts dust like a bad mamma-jamma.  Becuase of that I didn't even want to add new nail holes so I hung the artwork on the nails that were already there and so they aren't even.  Ugh.    The popcorn ceiling is gross and whoever painted it last must have been assisted by drunken monkeys because they did a TERRIBLE job. 
 But the biggest problem is that it is BOOOORING.
It does have some things going for it.  I love the style of the sink and matching toilet, plus it has a brand new travertine tiled floor.  The light fixtures are okay (at least they aren't brass) but the overall style is only "okay."

 Of course hanging out on Pinterest got me all fired up to re-do it.  And so here I am.   I thought I would share some of my favorite ideas and hopefully I will be able to incorporate some of them into the new powder room.

The first thing I am going to do is cover up the knock-down popcorn ceiling with beadboard, just like house of smiths:

 I considered box molding along the whole wall like this ( SupermomWant2B
but because I don't have a medicine cabinet or any under sink storage in this room I needed some of the wall space for shelving, so instead  I will only add molding to the bottom of the wall and paint it all white to match the trim:
For storage I am going to add some sort of shelving behind the toilet.  I really like this look (via HGTV):

If I can't find crates, I probably will just do floating shelves like Homestories A to Z:

And I adore brabornefarm's small shelf right at the top of the trim:

 I am trying to do this entire makeover for less than $100, so I have to reuse my large square framed mirror but I may paint to get a look like this (from small space style)
I want to keep the artwork and towels the same as well.  The idea here it to change the look of the room without buying much other than paint and molding.  I am not sure exactly what color I am going to go with at this point.  That will be the biggest impact changer, but I am still undecided.

I hope I can at least spruce it up a little bit.  We shall see...

Any opinions?
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