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Garage Progress: Walls and Ceilings

Progress on the complete garage renovation is progressing slowly.  The workshop is in, and slowly the walls are being repaired, but it has been a lot of work.  So far everything is going pretty much according to the original plan.

 I am  leaving the rough shelves that were installed in the garage when we moved in, and am putting my mudroom built-ins right next to the door into the house. Here is the high resolution mydeco.com floorplan design for those walls:
Here is what that area looked like the day we moved in:
Although you can't tell from that photo, there were hundreds of nails in that wall that needed patching:
Then it needed two coats of green paint and a chalk outline of where the new built ins were going to be installed:
I was able to conserve on my Sisal paint by only painting the parts of the wall that were going to show. And then, as I previously described, I added the built ins:
Oh yes, I am still glowing with love for them!

I also started patching and skim coating the ceiling and just like the other walls, I am using leftover green paint as primer to save a few dollars.  I may actually leave the ceiling green since it is really bright and doesn't look half bad against the brown walls:

Slowly but surely we are getting there.  Only one more wall and half the ceiling to go!  

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