The Kim Six Fix: November 2010

KimboBimbo LIVES!!!!

Oh.My.God. It has been 3 months? Really? 3 months since I have posted a blog update?


I confess I am a terrible terrible blogger.. I didn't warn everyone I was going to go off the grid.. I kinda just fell off. In all honesty, life knocked me off.

I do have an excuse. I swear.

So here is the dealio.. 3 months summarized in 4 lines:
  • The lab family moved out of our temporary housing and into our new house, lovingly known as "the money pit" (Oh, I promise to share all sorts of great stories about the money pit!)
  • During the move I apparently caught whooping cough (PSA: Get a booster.. Seriously folks, pertussis SUCKS)
  • The untreated Pertussis spun off into a killer TWELVE WEEK case of pneumonia (that ordeal is a story for another post.)
  • We then found out (3 months TO THE DAY) of purchasing the money pit, that we are being relocated nearly 3000 miles away in the next 6 months. The money pit needs to go back on the market, NOW.


So that is where I have been.. That is what is new in my life. (See, that seems like a pretty valid excuse or 10.)

I hope to get back to my regularly scheduled blogging. I have tons of great stories from the last three months to share. Great stories from the money pit, great pertussis stories (yes, there are great pertussis stories), and I even have a few thoughts on science that have been spinning around in my head.

I want to thank everyone who has reached out to me, via email, on twitter and elsewhere. It is glad to know I was missed. I missed ya'all too!
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