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Simple Rustic Winter Front Porch

Rustic front porch with all natural elements for winter
I’m still in the midst of getting my full interior holiday house tour ready for you guys (since you know that requires me to clean my house!), but until then I want to share the exterior this year.  On black Friday I picked up about 100 feet of real cedar garland and so this year I decided to forgo any of the fake plastic stuff (Not that you can’t make the fake stuff look great, but I didn’t want to mix and match with the cedar.)

To play off that gorgeous greenery, I decided to use mainly natural elements in my decorating. For a start I created a pretty vignette by the front door:
Christmas front porch with rustic natural winter elements in reds greens browns
I always struggle with the fact I have a corner front door which and one-sided side light (Oh how I envy those beautiful large symmetric front porches!) But I try to make do.

I HAD to reuse my wood slice stag’s head. I just love it so much.  I couldn’t find a place for it inside the house this year, so I used it outside.
Deer head artwork from woodTo echo the browns in the deer head, I filled a bucket with pine cones and some of my beloved cedar fronds.   I found these old sleigh bells on clearance after Christmas a few years ago and never knew where to use them.  They are really heavy and loud.
Bucket of pine cones and aged sleigh bells
To raise the level of display I used an old crate.   The red lanterns are fro Ikea and the sleigh is thrift store find.  I couldn’t figure out what to put in side, but I had this log left over from when I was working on my wood slice chalkboard banner and so I threw that in.
Simple rustic front porch with red sled
I got this pine cone and berry garland at Michaels on Black Friday. I originally thought I would weave it through a pine garland, but once I swaged it on the deer art, I like it as is.
Wooden front porch vignette with deer and pine cones
I actually had two, so the other one I wrapped into a fresh pine wreath (I also picked up on black friday) to tie it all together.
I'm glad I used a real wreath on the door since I used a fake one on the front of the house and side by side with the cedar it looks REALLY fake.
Natural real front door wreath for christmas
Because I didn’t use any lights this year (I normally put lights in all my garlands) I wanted to add some sparkle to the display, so I wove fairy lights (battery operated) though the bucket of pine cones and in and out of the crate.  I also added a large NOEL marquis light I picked up last year.
Front door with Noel Marquis sign
It is pretty bright and throws enough light on the front porch when it is plugged in.
NOEL marquis lights exterior
Finally, on the front of the house, I added more cedar garland, sagging it across my garage door opening.
Live greens swagged over garage door
Right now there is NO POSSIBLE WAY I could park my van in the garage, so I let the swags hang pretty low.  Normally this would hit the top of my car, but my garage is so far from being clean I figured I wouldn’t worry about it.  It will be a miracle if my van needs the garage!Cedar garland on garageI hope you come back later in the week when I share the interior of the house.  It isn’t all as rustic as this.. in fact, there is quite a bit of glitter involved!
Winter front porch with rustic elements
Have a wonderful holiday!   

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