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Painted Floral Banner

Easy DIY Painted Floral Banner

Hi there! It's Kim from Exquisitely Unremarkable here with another super easy craft project to decorate your home. Today's DIY is one of my signature projects, a banner! Before I started blogging, the only banner I owned, was that cardboard one from the party store that read Happy Birthday in primary colors. However, once I saw all the pretty ways people made and displayed them, I was hooked.

The hood in my kitchen is dressed for every season and holiday now. This week, it's adorned with a simple painted floral banner, inspired by the late summer blooms outside my window.

And it took me less than 30 minutes to create.

I started with a pack of brown banner paper that I found for less than a buck in the clearance bin. I got lucky, but you can just as easily make a few banner pieces on your own out of card stock. The color choice and size is up to you, just cut out your triangles and punch a hole in the top of each one.

How to make an easy floral banner

Next, I drew a very simple flower on each triangle with pencil. Nothing fancy here, just a basic flower like the ones you drew as a kid.

Painted Flowers For Banner

Then I used craft paint and a small brush to fill in each petal. My inspiration flowers were black-eyed  susans and sunflowers to reflect the current season, so I used yellow paint, but the color choice is up to you.

Go with what makes you smile.

Round Brush For Craft Painting

To give each flower a little more character (and alleviate the pressure of creating a perfect circle), I used a round stencil brush and stamped the center with black paint. To add a little more interest, I grabbed my pencil and slightly outlined each petal for definition.

I used a variegated green yarn to string up my banner pieces and voila!

How to make an easy painted floral banner

A sweet floral banner to celebrate the last bit of summer or welcome fall.


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