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Customizing a Discount Store Dresser

As part of my nursery makeover, I needed to update an old dresser I had previously used in the girls' bedroom.

It was actually not a fancy dresser AT ALL.  In fact, it came from Target and it was one of those "assemble it yourself" MDF types.  It was never my intention to keep it long term, but it has held up so well, I knew with a fresh new design it would be perfect.

If you remember my inspiration post, this was the look I was going for.
Image Source

I thought that was a really graphic design. And because it is pretty trendy right now, I also wanted to number the drawers.   The problem was that unlike the inspiration photo, my dresser didn't have a flat front.. so I had to tweak the design a little.

First I added peel and stick vinyl numbers to each of the drawers.
I used Artskills brand and they really did a good job of sealing down completely.  If you have your own vinyl cutter you could make a lot fancier fonts..Since I don't have one, I had to make due with very basic numbers.

Next I painted (after sanding and priming) the draw fronts (within the molding) with my wall color, and when it was still slightly wet, I peeled off the numbers:

Anywhere it bled I was able to wipe off with cotton swab.

I think it came out great and looks really custom.  You never would guess it was a big box piece of furniture.

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  1. Our Pinteresting FamilyOctober 20, 2013 at 10:33 AM

    It turned out fantastic, Kim!

  2. Great job on this! I love furniture redos, this one came out wonderful!

  3. This is really cute! It is a great way to customize a target dresser. Way to go!

  4. Thanks Brenda! I love that it is really a pretty cheap "soulless" dresser until I redid it!


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