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Master Bathroom Inspiration

Well, I told you all I was starting the remodel in my master bath, and now it is time to share my vision. (Well, my vision taking into a account a tiny budget!)

First up: The shower.

When I saw Beau R'eves bathroom remodel I knew I had found EXACTLY what I wanted when it came to tile:
I LOVE the tumbled travertine. LOVE IT. And the fact she has the exact same layout as my shower/tub combo makes it a doable project. (The whole bathroom is so gorgeous you must look at the link!)

Here is another bathroom with the same setup. Frameless shower doors and white marble. So beautiful. I am shying away form marble since my floors are already a golden brown color.  That is why I am leaning towards the travertine.  

I do love that accent stripe and since I have cases and cases of leftover (super cheap) pencil tile from my kitchen backsplash, I am definitely going to incorporate it, like this:

Next up: The vanity.

Because I don't want to move the plumbing I am stuck with the weird "L" shape.  But when I saw this photo, the heavens started singing:
 I LOVE the fact they don't have wall to wall mirrors, and that there is that awesome corner cabinet ON TOP of the vanity.   I also like the sconces next to the mirrors, to fill the empty space.  Pretty much I love the whole thing. 

Another version, I like the sconces here as well (in fact I think I have a lead on how to score very similar ones for next to no money!) And although there isn't much natural light in my bathroom, the dark cabinetry is growing on me.
Here is a similar idea in light cabinetry:
And as much as I ADORE it, it is a tad over the top for my bathroom, and not really doable on my budget... but boy oh boy, it sure is pretty.   I can't believe I have never seen the corner cabinet featured more often since it is just a great use of space.  Just check out the "corner vanity" collection on Houzz.  BLOWS MY MIND.

I actually think I like this style of corner cabinet the best:
I love the little arched cabinet for towels, and the closed door above it.  I am not exactly sure how I am going to swing these cabinet changes since they aren't stock or even semi-custom.  I will definitely need to think outside the box.

So, that is where I stand.   I start DEMO immediately.   I decided I am going to try to blog about the progress in real time.   So you can live vicariously though me.   To see how long it actually takes.  Hopefully it will be interesting.

To see all my inspiration photos, check out my bathroom board on Pinterest. 

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