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Low/No Cost DIY Disneyland Clothing

E & J waiting to go on the Finding Nemo ride at Disneyland
We recently took a trip to Disneyland for three days and I wanted to dress the girls in matching Disney attire.  After searching around the internet I realized that I didn't want to pay what people were asking for the personalized homemade outfits (that honestly, looked like homemade outfits. I knew I had enough skills to make simple personalized t-shirts and dresses.

The first set I did I actually bought personalized vinyl iron ons on Etsy (Miss Morgan Designs) for $14 and bought t-shirts at Old Navy ($8) and Target ($6): 

Total cost: $28
E with Jasmine and Aladdin (J wouldn't go near anyone in costume)
The shirts were darling, but once I made them I realized I could do pretty much the exact same thing with fusible web.

So the next set I made myself.  I found a of siloutte of Cinderella using google and traced it onto Steam A Seam. After pressing it onto black fabric, I cut it out and ironed it on shirts the girls already had.
I had some iron on letters in my stash which I used to monogram E's shirt.  
Total cost: ZERO
E on the Redwood Creek Challenge Course at California Adventure
I then decided I want to do something other than shirts, so for the third day I decided to go with pillowcase dresses.  I knew I could sew them fast (I was doing this project the NIGHT BEFORE we left for Disney.)

I had previously let the girls pick out a yard of fabric when it was on sale at JoAnn's for $2.99. E picked pink Cinderella and Belle and J picked purple Princess and the Frog.  I had to buy purple grosgrain ribbon for J's dress ($3) but I had black on hand for E's.
I used this tutorial from SewLikeMyMom that I found on Pinterest. When the pin described it as "the easiest pillowcase dress ever" they weren't kidding.  It took mess less than 15 minutes to make each dress.
To personalize the dresses I traced letters onto Steam A Seam the same way I did the silhouettes.
Total Cost: $9
I originally had paired the dresses with long sleeve shirts, but the weather was so great the eneded up wearing the dresses without a shirt underneath:
At Mickey's House in Toontown
They had a great time and I actually got a couple compliments on the dresses from perfect strangers! 

Not bad considering I spent an average of $6 per outfit!

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