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"It is Great to Be Eight" Birthday Treats

My oldest daughter just turned eight and we needed a quick and easy favor to bring to school for her classmates.   I originally got the idea for a little "8" made out of donuts from Kendra of Me and My Insanity. We didn't want an entire party with an 'Eight is Great!' theme, but the favors were perfect.

In her version the donuts are loose in the bag, but I wanted to make sure they stayed stacked so it looked like an 8 (even after carrying them to school in her backpack) so I decided to skewer to be extra safe.
For my version the supplies are pretty simple:

Mini-donuts (you could do full sized donuts, but I needed 30 favors, which would have meant 60 full sized donuts.  For 30 favors I still needed 3 bags of mini-donuts.)
Lollipop sticks (the 4 inch size was perfect for the mini-donuts)
Treat bags ( I used the 4x6 size

First I skewered two donuts on each stick and stuck them in the bag with the stick pointing towards the open end of the bag.  (A lot of the donuts in my bags were slightly squished and not exactly round, so I made sure I picked out the best ones.  As a bonus to this project you will be forced to eat all the extra non-round donuts.. )

Next I made labels by running some pink pinstriped cardstock through my printer and then cut it into tags. 

This is the printable I used (I just turned it black and white to show up on the cardstock better).  
You can find your own FREE downloadable version here thanks to Katie at clarendon lane.

When you print them, make sure you leave a space above each print out that is double the size of the tag so you can fold it over.  I did have a few that I print slightly too high and so I lost some of the graphics.

When you attach the tags to the the top of the bags, make sure you trap  the stick in place between the staples.  This will keep the "8" upright.

She hasn't been 8 for very long, but so far it is true.. Eight is GREAT!

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